News 28/01/2013

A few days have passed since the official launch, and we’re going strong :) There’s a lot of submissions to go through, but with the help of newly acquired php knowledge it should be much faster from now on.

Some more news from the team:

- we’re still just listing the books in the three categories, but we are planning to make this a more interesting place, for both readers and authors. We’re mulling over a few ideas.

- added Search by Author feature: click author’s name to go straight to Kobo’s search page

- we’re cleaning up submission guidelines. Do make sure your entry is correct for our script to work on! (if in doubt, submit again)

- there’s a known bug between wordpress and facebook resulting in thumbnails not showing correctly on some posts. we’ll keep trying to figure it out.

Make sure to let everyone know about the website! And check out today’s selection of books!