Full Price Books 14/02/2013 Biography & Memoir

On June 16, 2006, the David B left Bellingham, Washington bound for Juneau, Alaska, on her maiden voyage as a passenger vessel. Eight years earlier, Christine and Jeffrey had found the David B tucked behind a breakwater on Lopez Island where the tired, old, wooden boat built in 1929, was showing her age. When the young couple stepped aboard the neglected vessel, her sturdy work-boat style captured their hearts with her ageless beauty that only the young dreamers could see. Their desire was to own and operate a small, expedition, cruise ship in Alaska. With their love for one another and without much income, they pinned their hopes and sheer will on rebuilding the dying boat. What they thought would be a two-year project, became an eight-year tug-of-war between time and money as they raced to finish rebuilding the David B before it was too late. More Faster Backwards is the story of Christine and Jeffrey’s uncertain struggle to rebuild the David B and their journey to Alaska on an untested seventy-seven year old boat to begin the life of their dreams.Biography & Memoir



THE “OTHER” GIRL ISN’T THE CAUSE OF BLACK WOMEN’S DATING CHALLENGES, SHE’S THE COMPETITION! IF LOVE IS WAR, MAY THE BEST WOMAN WIN. Growing up as Soul Sister #1 in white schools with white girls as BFFs, Stephanie Small knows what’s behind the white girl’s appeal. She can tell you why it seems like every actor, athlete and smokin’ black bachelor has a white girl on his arm. What’s their secret? The answers are broken down between the pages of this how-to guide in 5 basic steps. Acknowledging the silent rivalry between black and white women, without apology or pulling punches, Small reveals to single sisters everywhere why the other girl is making sweet love to the brothers who should be their boyfriends, while 47% of black women will never wear a wedding dress. Without shying away from harsh and humbling personal anecdotes, the book promises to break the cycle. In a style that is equal parts as funny as it is infuriating, Don’t Let the White Girl Win gives black women the one thing they need: strategies for winning at love, life and everything in-between.Biography & Memoir