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26th of May, 1989. Half past seven in the morning. Breaking news. Mindfield’s frontman, Blaze is dead. Same news bulletin is played all over the country. No one takes the news to heart, though; it is widely believed that this is yet another overdramatic publicity stunt. Eight o’ clock. The devastated drummer of the band confirms the dreadful news… It is a bleak, rainy day. People of every age splash out in the streets. Dozens. Hundreds. Thousands of people head to his flat. The pavement fills with flowers, wreaths, photos of the 21-year-old singer. Tension is building up by the hour, while the great deal of controversy rises up to the surface; how did he really die? Did he have an overdose? Did he commit suicide? Did someone kill him? Did he get poisoned? Maybe he’s not really dead, maybe he’s still alive, hiding somewhere… Memorabilia is Vanessa MintVanDi’s first book. It is a satire novel, feauting rock idols who live the rock ‘n roll myth to their utmost, only to retire a couple of years later, regretting everything about it. The protagonist’s life is being explored by an anonymous narrator, who contacts his aquaintances in an attempt to cast some light over his mysterious and unexpected death.Biography & Memoir



This collection of poignant and uplifting essays is the perfect book to enjoy over your morning coffee. The stories will warm your heart, raise your spirits and compel you to examine your own life. As a tie-in to her mystery book Twenty-Five Years Ago Today, novelist and award-winning journalist Stacy Juba invited her author colleagues to answer the question “What were you doing 25 years ago?” Read about school days, quirky jobs, romance, raising a family, hard times, the writing journey, and find out what makes your favorite characters tick. This 30,000-word book will help readers to discover new authors for their to-read list, and inspire them to reflect upon the small defining moments that have shaped their own lives. As a bonus, readers are invited to interact with the authors to discuss the past and the future in an online forum, with details in the Appendix. Publishing credits of the contributing writers include New York Times bestselling and USA Today bestselling. They also include recipients of the Romantic Times Lifetime Achievement Award, Minotaur Books/Mystery Writers of America First Crime Novel Award, Mississippi Author Award, Benjamin Franklin Award and Eppie Award, as well as nominees of the Pushcart Prize, Agatha and Shamus Awards, to name a few of the many honors. Includes a foreword by Elaine Raco Chase, award-winning author of seventeen paperback novels with over 3 million books in print.Biography & Memoir