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“Melanie Rose delivers, once again…and writes prose as if playing classical music.” -Katherine Owen, Author of Seeing Julia, Not To Us, and When I See You She entered Nazi-occupied France in the summer of 1943, seeking only a worthy death in the service of a noble cause. She did not expect that her quest for death would, in the end, teach her how to live. “Violet Shadows” was chosen as the Novella category winner for the 2013 Next Generation Indie Book Awards.Fiction & Literature


Seventeen year old Anna is a naive American orphan, delighted to find herself on a tour of Europe in the spring of 1939. A feeling of camaraderie with all mankind thrills her as she mingles with throngs of foreigners, but her joy is short-lived. WWII shatters the world. As fathers and sons, husbands and brothers dive grimly into the trenches, Anna is left stranded in England, disillusioned and afraid. However, this worldwide catastrophe may be the perfect catalyst to mature Anna into the brave young woman she longs to be. Even as the world is shadowed with disaster, Anna finds friends in the kindly Bertram family. In the midst of all that threatens to tear her world apart, will she find a place to truly belong? Ashford was awarded the BRAG Medallion in 2012.Fiction & Literature


Reviews for this highly recommended Kobo e-book “I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a contemporary with some mystery.” – Holly, FMB Blog Tours “This short novella reads a lot like a prime-time sitcom and definitely leaves you wanting more.” – Cassie McCown, Gathering Leaves Reviews “Ferguson is an excellent storyteller and a good writer. Her writing is taught and bright.” – Maureen Mullis, Plotting It Out “The book is light and a fast read. People who are fans of TV series waiting for the next story will find this book in their liking.” – Haresh Daswani, Evolution of Insanity Ingredients for this contemporary fiction novella: Realism, Drama, Mystery, Suspense, Humor. Description: In the realm of observational humor, drama, and suspense, Fergyville delivers! This peek into the lives of suburban families in Fergyville is everything but dull. Through the struggles of fidelity, to the unspoken competition between families, there is a thin bond holding the people of Fergyville together — but will it last?Fiction & Literature


Former journalist turned journalism teacher Larissa Johanssen moved back to her hometown to escape the violence she once covered on a national stage. Until that violence strikes her high school, her students. Now, she must help her students deal with the type of coverage that drove her to the breaking point. And she must revisit parts of her past she thought long buried—and separate truth from fiction to finally begin to heal. A well-conceived, well-executed novel. —The New York Times Book Review on Alien Influences [Rusch’s] writing style is simple but elegant, and her characterization excellent. —Mark Morris, Beyond A masterful writer is at work. —Orson Scott Card [Rusch] is one of those very few writers whose style takes me right into the story—the words and pages disappear as the characters and their story swallows me whole….Rusch has style. —Charles de Lint Kristine Kathryn Rusch, a former journalist herself, has won dozens of awards for her writing. Her mysteries (written as Kris Nelscott) have been nominated for the Edgar Award, the Shamus Award, and the Oregon Book Award. Her short fiction has appeared in many prestigious markets, including The North American Review and the Best American series as well as 18 other year’s best volumes. Her novels have been published in 14 countries. For more information about her writing, go to .Fiction & Literature


(Novelette lenght) Roland couldn’t get the days off to go together with his wife and two kids on vacation, so they’ll be going without him. He’s looking forward to spending his time alone at home, with no noisy children running around or a wife with a long list of chores for him. However, being alone in his house turns out to be different than he expected. Something is stalking him in his house, thoroughly creeping him out. But Ron’s a stubborn man and doesn’t want to share the house. With each passing day, his situation grows more horrible and gruesome. Hoping to reclaim his house, he seeks out advice on how to get rid of whatever is haunting him. Will he find something that will set his house free of the enitity before it kills him and his soon-to-return family?Fiction & Literature