Bargain Books 27/05/2013 Fiction & Literature

A young film student coming of age in Manhattan is swept up in a series of protests against police brutality while experiencing the joys and heartache of first love. However an attraction to charismatic leadership on the one hand and a weakness for romantic entanglements on the other puts him at risk in ways that he never quite expected.Fiction & Literature



“A delightful and fresh read.” –Goodreads reviewer Cryssa. Lucy Tuttle is a workaholic financial planner whose biggest worry is how to line up the sticky notes on her desk just so, until her only relative dies in a car accident halfway across the world. Suddenly Lucy (apartment-dwelling, doesn’t-own-a-hammer Lucy) inherits a handyman’s delight on the other side of town. Her boyfriend, a laid back environmentalist with an affinity for organic lentils and sock thievery, convinces Lucy to move into her aunt’s brokendown house. The two of them embark on a quest to settle down, renovate her aunt’s home, and start a family-but as it turns out, living happily ever after in a house that’s about to be condemned isn’t so easy after all. The first chapter of The Sock Wars was published as a short story/novel excerpt titled Irish Drinking Socks, and became a Kobo bestselling short story.Fiction & Literature



What kind of mother walks away from her family? This is the question many readers asked after finishing Pieces of You, Book One of The Betrayed Trilogy. They wanted to know the real story behind the disappearance of Evie Burnes. What’s Left of Her offers an intimate glimpse into Evie Burnes’s life before her disappearance—and after. Here’s a snippet from What’s Left of Her: It is the painting that makes her come alive; she lives inside of it, right in the core of the oil: red, purple, yellow, blue, black, breathing its heavy scent, smearing the slickness of it on her fingers, her shirt, her face. She’s tried to hide from it for years, denying the pull, instead forcing herself into layer upon layer of daily existence that is too tight, too restrictive, too foreign. But lately, the stretches of midnight to early morning hours in the attic have increased, the need to be up there, hidden away, free, has grown into a wild, nameless yearning that calls to her, seducing her soul with its promises. She knows who she is, who she has always been, despite years and miles, a husband and two children. It all comes down to honesty. But what she does not know, and what she fears most, is acknowledging what she is not. Because that will change her life forever. The Betrayed Trilogy: Pieces of You, Book One Secrets of You, Book Two What’s Left of Her, a novella, Book Three Note: While Pieces of You and Secrets of You are romances, What’s Left of Her is not. This story was written for all of the readers who wanted to know the real story behind the disappearance of Evie Burnes.Fiction & Literature