Bargain Books 05/06/2013 Fiction – YA

It’s a game to die for… First, we used them for soldiers. Then laborers. Now the Undead are avatars — ex-cons and Volunteers, bought and paid for, then killed, implanted and reanimated — in a virtual reality video game. Welcome to the world of GAMELAND. Set in the middle of Long Island’s forbidden wasteland, Gameland is where the rich and privileged pit zombies against one another, all for kicks. Most people buy their way into The Game. Others get in by dying. Only the foolish would try to hack their way in. In a world drowning in contradictions, Jessica Daniels is struggling to make sense of it all. Her long-dead father is universally reviled for having invented Reanimation technology, yet the very beings he helped create are being increasingly accepted by an increasingly repressed society, which, in turn, is becoming more and more dependent upon the dead — for security, for work, and now for entertainment. As Jessica — a computer gamer and hacker herself — approaches her eighteenth birthday, all she wants is to escape her family’s dark past. So why does she keep rushing headlong into it? EPISODE 1: Deep Into The Game A reckless suggestion leads Jessie and her friends onto Long Island for an end-of-the-summer adventure, hoping simply to catch an unlikely glimpse of the infected victims of a decades-old outbreak. But if they think breaking in was easy, they’ll soon discover that getting back out is a killer. Someone — or something — doesn’t want them to leave. Not alive, anyway. EPISODE TWO: Failsafe Jessie and Kelly clash after a member of their group gets stranded among the Infected Undead, prompting Kelly to make a rash decision which will ultimately deliver them all into the hands of those who would turn them into mindless players in The Game. Five hackers. One game. Ten thousand Undead. Deep Into the Game and Failsafe are the first two books in the hi-tech, dystopian thriller series GAMELAND. Structured along the lines of television’s The Walking Dead and Law and Order, the nearly 400,000-word series consists of eight individual episodes, first published monthly between May and December 2012. All are available digitally in single and multi-episode packages, as well as in an omnibus edition. Also available in print. Combined length of this package: approximately 100,000 words (roughly 370 pages). Not recommended for readers under age 15.Fiction – YA