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Passing Judgment is a compact collection of twelve short stories about people who deliver their own form of justice. These are tales about breaking the rules and seeking retribution, especially when the law fails. Bad guys sometimes do the right thing. Desperate good guys cross the line. In the end, justice is blind—she doesn’t care which side of the law a person lands as long as the scales get balanced. Inside you’ll find stories about: • A Senator collects historic guns, each responsible for shooting a sitting President. • Guilt drives a desperate man to seek redemption through acts of violence. • In search of his true identity, a man makes a fatal lapse in judgement. • African mythology intersects with an escaped slave imprisoned in a strange world. • Social scandal, great wealth, and a bizarre bequest point to old murder. • After an error releases a predator, a detective crosses the line to stop the killing. • A lottery ticket bought on her birthday propels Ivanka’s future sideways. • The assassin sent to eradicate a target, discovers he doesn’t want to pull the trigger. • An orphan journeys home to seek retribution for a mother gone missing. • Law enforcement holds itself responsible for the murderous actions of a young man. • Bethany’s dull marriage takes on new worth when a gunman steps off the elevator. • Old acts of violence bring together two men in a reciprocal act of retribution. “Mitch shook out his hands, watched mud and slime splatter against the hard packed dirt. After damn near six hours of slogging through bottomland, he’d found a road. He hiked up one canvas pant leg and inspected the three tiny pairs of puncture wounds on his calf. Almost delicate, the trio of red perforations marked the places where a determined cottonmouth had struck repeatedly. Each bite-mark was an objection to the disturbance Mitch caused as he struggled to hold the woman’s head under the surface of the brackish water. At seventy-three, the lady had been a real scrapper, a good fighter.” – Last Chance for Redemption “The gun swept the room, the assailant’s arm held straight out like an accusing finger until it pointed at her chest. Death would be swift at least. She supposed the end of life offered a resolution of sorts. The upside meant no more strain or deception. Bethany squeezed her eyelids shut and found comfort in knowing that Brian would mourn her passing. Her dumpy husband had wormed his way into her slate heart. That was something.” – The Man in the Dark Suit “A car would be waiting at the street level in a matter of minutes; she just had to reach that relative safety. She tightened the straps on her backpack and thought for a fraction of a second about the man who’d fathered her. He’d been an absentee parent for the last few years but it hadn’t always been that way. To her surprise, a tear spilled down her cheek. She was an orphan now. Well, as much as any daughter of the Russian District was allowed to be, since the community was family too.” –The Tsar’s GranddaughterMystery & Suspense



In this delightful and beautifully illustrated story Sun Wen tells us about an old woman and her daughter who live in a mountain village in China. They find a tiny magical boy who grows from the seed of a golden gourd and adopt him as one of their little family. He grows big and strong and is much loved by his mother and older sister – and when his sister disappears one day he asks a white butterfly for help in finding her. Then his adventure begins as he travels to distant places, discovers friends and enemies and overcomes many hardships in his search for her. You’ll be surprised at the wonderful ending of this story!Mystery & Suspense



THE CHANEL CAPER by Ruth Harris, million-copy New York Times bestseller and winner, Romantic Times “Best Contemporary” JAMES BOND MEETS NORA EPHRON. OR IS IT THE OTHER WAY AROUND? Blake Weston is a smart, savvy, no BS, 56-year-old Nora Ephron-like New Yorker. Her darling (damn!) husband, Ralph Marino, is a très James Bond ex-cop & head of security for a large international corporation. At a tense time in their relationship, Blake & Ralph are forced to work together to solve a murder in Shanghai & break up an international piracy ring. As the book opens, Ralph is about to hit the Big Six O and he’s not happy about it. Not that Blake is exactly thrilled about the prospect, either. Especially now that she suspects Ralph might be cheating on her with Melanie Bradshaw, a flak-jacket-wearing, gung ho war zone correspondent with a humongo pair of 36 Double D’s. Blake and Ralph survived (barely) the seven year itch but she wonders why no one warned her about the twenty-seven year itch. The action starts when Blake buys a faux Chanel bag on a NYC sidewalk & escalates from there to an encounter with a fearsome one-eyed, one-legged Afghan war lord who doesn’t speak a word of English and a beautiful woman in Shanghai who might—or might not—be deadly. Other characters include an über-neurotic billionaire, a Martha Stewart wannabe trying to revive her career with the help of a red balconette bra, a rat-fink bastard named Clay Riggins, and Blake’s best friend, Julia (twice divorced, once widowed), who has just switched from hetero to homo & made a commitment to Pilates and Mindful Living. Chick Lit for chicks who weren’t born yesterday, The Chanel Caper, is a romcom mystery-thriller. The story is about the ups and downs of long-term relationships and addresses two of the most important questions of our time: 1) Is there sex after marriage? 2) Is sixty the new forty? A NOTE TO READERS FROM RUTH: For a long time I’ve wanted to write about a long-term relationship and about the way romance can wax and wane, evolve and transform over time. In The Chanel Caper, Blake Weston and her DH, Brooklyn boy and ex-NYPD cop Ralph Marino, have been through it all—the break ups and makeups, the squabbles, the spats and the stand-offs. Even so, after twenty-six years of living together (and sometimes driving each other crazy), they are still holding hands in the movies. And they still have the hots for each other! A second element that went into creating The Chanel Caper was that as my friends and I approached sixty, I realized that 60 isn’t what it used to be (and maybe never was). Maybe 60 is—or isn’t—the new 40 but attitudes toward age and aging have been transformed by medical advances, new discoveries about the importance of nutrition and exercise and Baby Boomers’ determination to stay on top of their game. Throw into the mix the fact that I’m a news junkie and love to write about the social and cultural atmosphere of the time in which a book is set. The Chanel Caper takes place in the fall of 2008 when the global financial system faced collapse. From Ponzi-schemer Bernie Madoff to bankers in five thousand dollar suits flying their private jets to Washington to scrounge for money, the financial crisis of 2008 was a richly ironic background for my story of murder and suspense. Other characters in the story were inspired by headlines, news stories & current events: • a washed-up Martha Steward wannabe trying to make a come back with the help of a red balconette bra • a one-eyed, one-legged Afghan warlord who doesn’t speak a word of English • an über neurotic, germ-ophobic billionaire freaking out as the stock market plummets and his net worth goes down—and down • a flack-jacket-wearing gung-ho war zone reporter with a humongo pair of 36 DoubleD’s • NYC’s ubiquitous sidewalk vendors of faux designer label bags, sunglasses and scarves • the city’s vast selection of ethnic restaurants and foods. • news reports about the deadly consequences of counterfeit drugs • the rise of the Chinese economy and the glam and glittering city of Shanghai • trendy gurus and hot self-help fads Add in Bollywood movies, the world’s best shade of red lipstick and one drop-dead fantastic way to deal with a cheating husband (+ a dick joke) and you have an idea of some of the ingredients that went into The Chanel Caper. I had fun writing it. I hope you have fun reading it! I blog at and love to get to know my readers—you can reach me at harris.ruth.c@gmail.com. With all the best wishes to my readers everywhere, RuthMystery & Suspense



The touch of his hands and the plunge of his needle make every fantasy come true. Dr. Gavin Jenkins’ miracle treatments permit his celebrated patients to get everything they desire: youth, beauty, vast wealth and the ability to satisfy every erotic appetite. No wonder his famous patients adore him. No wonder his name is their best-kept secret. No wonder his influence runs from the secluded private island of a power-mad billionaire with a savage secret to the crimson-draped bedroom of a mid-eastern Prince with depraved sexual tastes; from the private dressing rooms of world-famous artists to the heights of international jet set society and to the inner sanctums of the White House itself. No wonder Gavin Jenkins rises to the pinnacle of power and prestige. No wonder he becomes enmeshed in a deadly web he himself created. HOOKED takes place in the mid-20th century with America at the peak of its wealth and influence. Set in New York and Washington, a remote fishing village on the Turkish Riviera, Sweden, Vienna, Cairo and aboard Lydia, the world’s most lavish yacht, HOOKED is a story of fame, greed, obsession and murder. “Slick and sexy. All the sure elements of a big seller written by pros who know how to tell a story.” –Publishers Weekly HOOKED is based on real-life “youth doctors” who became as rich and famous as their celebrated patients. One of the best known, Paul Niehans, developed his “cellular therapy” in which particles of lamb embryos were injected into the patient. Dr. Niehans claimed the treatment would retard the aging process and cure almost everything from homosexuality to heart disease. Though viewed with suspicion by many doctors, Niehans counted among his grateful patients Pope Pius XII and Gloria Swanson. (This information is adapted from an article published by the Alicia Patterson Foundation.) RUTH HARRIS is a 1,000,000 copy New York Times bestselling author. Her husband, Michael Harris, is the author of two bestselling memoirs, THE ATOMIC TIMES and ALWAYS ON SUNDAY, both available on Kobo in ebook editions. Ruth and Michael’s other thriller, Brainwashed, is also available on Kobo in an ebook edition.Mystery & Suspense



Zeb Marlowe, the physically scarred and invisibly wounded survivor of a top secret CIA brainwashing experiment, has begun to remake his life when Jai Jai Leland, the beautiful, intelligent widow of a man who didn’t survive, asks him to help her solve the mystery of her husband’s shocking and violent death. Marlowe, struggling to resist his attraction to Jai Jai, is pulled into her quest despite his memories of trauma and abuse. Together they search for psychiatrist Victor Ressid, creator of the experiments that turned student volunteers into slaves. Meanwhile, obsessed by his own bizarre sexual appetites and sudden, unexpected access to unimaginable wealth, Ressid is consumed by fantasies of revenge against Marlowe, the only volunteer to defy him. Against an ominous background of escalating global terrorism, Marlowe and Jai Jai uncover a deadly conspiracy at the heart of government. They must risk their lives to stop a nuclear threat that will destroy the security of the entire world even as they wonder if Marlowe, too, has been turned into a slave. With a plot that hurtles forward at electric speed and written with a contemporary feel, BRAINWASHED is set during the paranoid 1970′s of Vietnam and Watergate. The novel takes place on the beautiful islands of the Caribbean, in Damascus and Ireland, the Philippines, Canada, Washington, DC and in an underground torture chamber located on Victor Ressid’s secluded private estate located near the Mexico-Belize border. “BRAINWASHED delivers the goods: thrills, gut-churning suspense, nightmarish terror. Ruth and Michael Harris have delivered another great read and sure bestseller. I dare you to put it down!” –Bob Mayer, former Green Beret and million-copy bestselling author of AREA 51 BRAINWASHED is based on real-life psychiatric experiments known by the code name MK-ULTRA and conducted by the CIA in the 1950′s and 1960′s. MKUltra involved the use of many methodologies to manipulate mental states and alter brain function, including the surreptitious administration of drugs (especially LSD) and other chemicals, hypnosis, sensory deprivation, isolation, verbal and sexual abuse, as well as various forms of torture. Although the CIA insists that MKUltra-type experiments have been abandoned, some CIA observers say there is little reason to believe it does not continue today under a different set of acronyms. (This information is quoted from Wikipedia.) RUTH HARRIS is a 1,000,000 copy New York Times bestselling author. Her husband, Michael Harris, is the author of two bestselling memoirs, THE ATOMIC TIMES and ALWAYS ON SUNDAY, both available on Kobo in ebook editions.Mystery & Suspense