Bargain Books 01/07/2013 Sci Fi & Fantasy

Picture a recollection of events, the observations and thoughts of a soldier witness to one of the most horrific crimes against humanity in the past few hundred years. These are the transcripts from his diary, looking back at the events in question while facing past, present and future. What could he do? What can he do? What must be done. Burning Memory, a science fiction short in the fictional universe Of Suns And Spheres.Sci Fi & Fantasy



Coulter is supposed to be an agent working with Anita Cross to observe the Inari on Earth, but he reveals a different side following the battle at NeoGen Labs. When he takes her prisoner with the Shirukan escaping to the stars, she realizes that the alien in their agency might have been deceiving them all along, waiting for the opportune time to return to his former loyalties. One wrong move could mean the downfall of Earth, but Anita will do all she can to protect her world and learn the truth behind Coulter’s deception.Sci Fi & Fantasy