Bargain Books 15/07/2013 Mystery & Suspense

A harrowing and erotic glimpse through the eyes of a serial killer, “Killing Matt Cooper” is a first-person account of the love that drives a monster. “Killing Matt Cooper’s” unnamed narrator chronicles a swirling maelstrom of misogyny, violence, and fantasy — all the things that he believes will lead him back to his Love. If you like “American Psycho” and “Dexter,” this is the book for you!Mystery & Suspense



Burned, bleeding and blinded by smoke, a maid stumbles from the flames. The sole witness to the most brutal crime Barcelona has ever seen, Maria Torres finds her life in danger. Can the police keep her safe while they try to find the monster responsible for the massacre of two dozen people, or will professional and personal rivalries put her in even greater danger?Mystery & Suspense



Simon Remnant’s not your average hero. Oh no. As far as heroes go, he’s way below average. Absent father, absent-minded lover, unskilled and untrustworthy. None of them do his uselessness justice. So there are no expectations other than failure when he joins the mid- 21st Century’s equivalent of The Gold Rush – a race to get-rich-quick through plundering the dazzling fortunes offered by an asteroid brimming with diamond deposits. Remnant provides the brawn in a dubiously talented and totally incompatible crew of three aboard a ship that’s not expected to make it higher than the treetops. Can he overcome his underdog status? And can he beat the mighty NASA to the asteroid belt and return home with a life-changing cut of the loot? Lymon’s debut novel is an outlandish adventure that mashes the thriller and sci-fi genres into a pulp of highly entertaining, uniquely-told fiction that’ll leave you believing that even waaaaaaay below average heroes deserve to have their story told.Mystery & Suspense



A violent car crash on California’s PCH. A plot to achieve world domination. A nuclear arms-seeking Iran. At the heart of this conspiracy is amnesiac Magus Crayle. Crayle becomes the subject in a classified memory-recovery project managed by an off-the-books government agent. Assigned to protect Crayle and stimulate his memory are an FBI agent with baggage and a P.I. with an agenda. Attempts on Crayle’s life begin. The threat escalates. Nothing is what it seems. Assassins chase Crayle and the P.I. from their mountain sanctuary. Crayle is shocked by his ability to employ car racing and martial arts skills. The ante has been raised – more people will die. Crayle confronts his government handler. A call to Langley, Virginia provides direction. A jet is made available. Crayle and the P.I. depart for the Far East. His first target: Hong Kong stock mogul Chin Yao-wu, a charismatic, sexually deviant megalomaniac who reveals under duress details of their shared past. Another assassination attempt occurs, aligning Crayle with the most seductive of Chin’s lethal “daughters”. Chin’s intel leads Crayle to Strasbourg, France, a second conspirator, Sylvain Lalumiere, and his small army. The Frenchman views Crayle as a threat – to his plans of conquest and to his life. Few truths emerge. Answers beget questions. Crayle remains confused by his dominant placement in foreign crosshairs. Magus Crayle must reclaim his life, his memories, and his identity even as he struggles to survive. * * * A cross between Robert Ludlum and Ian Fleming, The Water Diamonds is a non-stop thriller that literally starts with a bang that will keep thriller junkies on the edge of their seats as they follow Magus Crayle from one exotic destination to the other in search of his elusive identity. Matthew J. Pallamary, author of Land Without Evil and Spirit Matters. “THE WATER DIAMONDS from Dennis Bowen is the skillfully crafted, breakneck-paced, and intelligently written opening salvo in an international thriller series that will dazzle readers of the genre. To my reckoning … a 5-star achievement!” Laura Taylor – 6-time RT Award Winner, 2-time Maggie Award Winner, & RWA RITA FinalistMystery & Suspense



Hexed is the first book in Jezebel Jorge’s Ring Dreams series featuring wicked witches and hot pro wrestlers. *** WARNING – This novel contains graphic sex scenes, scripted violence, infidelity, and a serial killing anti-heroine *** A love spell turns lethal when Rowan falls for pro wrestler Dylan Dalton. Rowan isn’t the most stable witch in the DeFliehr coven. She sees spirits and plays with magickal penis candles. The super smart standout Vandy tennis star is hell bent on getting her man. She’s also teaming up with her ghostly grandmother Odessa to avenge her birth mother’s rape and untimely demise. Dylan dreams of his red haired long legged witchy woman long before Rowan shows up and steals his heart. Chaos ensues when their worlds collide. Wrestlers are dropping dead. Secrets are revealed that threaten to destroy the already dysfunctional Dalton family.Mystery & Suspense



“Bayshore Noir” is the newest release from John David’s critically acclaimed “Noir De Jure” imprint. “It’s . . . John David’s second short detective-story I have read and I think it’s even better than the first one.” Detective Frank Geddy is on the case again, this time in the trendiest of Tampa neighborhoods, the Channelside District. Since pizza and booze aren’t free, Frank does what it takes to survive, as unpleasant as it may be. Every surveillance case is different, but they all have one thing in common–somebody is always trying to catch someone else doing what they shouldn’t. They say that if you go out looking for trouble, you will find it. Some marriages are made in heaven. Others are bound for nothing more than . . . “Splitsville.” No marriage is perfect. But on Bayshore, they’re not even close. “Bayshore Noir” is about 5800 words, approximately 20 ebook pages at font size 2. It is the perfect break or lunchtime read.Mystery & Suspense



The Cleansing [eBook]‘ Description Introducing Detective Chief Inspector Tom Caton. Christmas approaches. A killer dressed as a clown haunts the streets of Manchester. For him the City’s miraculous regeneration had unacceptable consequences. This is the reckoning. DCI Tom Caton enlists the help of forensic profiler Kate Webb, placing her in mortal danger. The trail leads from the site of the old mass cholera graves, through Moss Side, the Gay Village, the penthouse opulence of canal-side apartment blocks, and the bustling Christmas Market, to the Victorian Gothic grandeur of the Town Hall. Time is running out. For Tom, for Kate and for the City. The first in the acclaimed DCI Tom Caton series of Manchester Murder Mysteries. Shortlisted for the Long Barn Books Debut Novel Award Winner of the ePUBLISHING CONSORTIUM WRITERS AWARD 2011Mystery & Suspense