Full Price Books 29/07/2013 Fiction – YA

Welcome to the world of Hillside High. High school is a word that conjures up all sorts of different images: fun, excitement, over-active hormones, nerds, jocks, bullies, sporting events, peer-pressure, relationships, exams, stress, failures, successes, dysfunctional families, too much homework, unbelievably embarrassing moments, and so much more. Enter the world of Hillside High where you will find yourself wrapped up in the intricacies and adventures of these students.Fiction – YA



Summer jobs, vacation and fun times are approaching but the students of Hillside High must remain grounded while studying for upcoming exams. With second term nearly complete, these students are raring to be wild and free. A communication breakthrough for Karen and Rebecca finally allows some insight into their terrible past experiences. These startling revelations provide their friends and family with the necessary understanding of certain peculiar behaviours that have come to surface. Clayton finds himself in a desperate situation leading to serious consequences. Kody explores Europe with her aunt, unaware of the implications for her future.Fiction – YA



Warm sunshine, swimming in the lake and total relaxation are just a few of the summertime activities in which many of the Hillside students are immersing themselves.For others, this free time represents a clean slate, an opportunity for fresh starts and new beginnings. Kody sparkles in her ever evolving self-improvement methods and Rebecca uses this time to rehabilitate herself from the traumatic events that have plagued her life over the past year. Clayton wonders if this dark time will ever come to an end and whether or not he will survive his terrible plight. Brenda Pittman, bully extraordinaire, concocts her evil plans for a stellar upcoming year.Fiction – YA



Some preventative measures are required to eliminate the newest and most menacing bully at Hillside High. Together, victimized students form an alliance to conquer their own fears as well as bravely face their tormentor in this unusual approach and unique student-led endeavour.John realizes that endless party nights and a full time course load arent as easily handled as he had previously believed, and some drastic changes will need to be made in order to get things sorted out. Breaking up isnt as quick and painless as both sets of couples would have anticipated. The ensuing chain reaction that requires some major emotional maturity to overcome.Fiction – YA



The students of Hillside High have spoken and now Brenda must come to terms with the results of her destructive and delinquent behaviour. Derek is determined to make things work with Kendra and his romantic plans are met with some initial hesitation, making his desire even stronger.The stakes are high when the boys cant resist gambling away their hard earned money to some professional con artists. Breannas darkest secret is accidentally discovered and she will do whatever it takes to ensure it does not become public knowledge.As Sean experiences one of the greatest losses of his life, River comes through for him in dealing with this sad event. Clayton once again faces some challenging ordeals while serving his time in the detention centre.Fiction – YA



Unbeknownst to two teenagers—Ralph worried about a history exam he didn’t study for and Sarah having studied all weekend—a flu pandemic with apocalyptic proportions rages over the world. On Monday, they arrive at their high school besieged by men in hazmat suits, escorting infected teenagers to buses. Ralph is forced on one of these quarantine buses and Sarah, along with the remaining healthy student body, gets quarantined at school. This flu however is worse than the 1918 Spanish Flu that killed a hundred million people—much worse. This flu turns its victims into the walking dead. The few not infected are left not only with the grief of their family and friends passing, but also with the horror of their families, friends, and neighbors trying to rip the flesh off them. Ralph—unsure about the real destination of the bus and trapped inside with kids that are getting worse by the minute—may not get to the destination in time before the first one dies. Sarah, trapped at school, deals with a worsening situation that she soon needs to escape from.Fiction – YA

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