For Writers

There are, as of January 2013, 12 million Kobo readers sold worldwide.

That’s a lot of readers. But how to reach them? Kindle readers have dozens of websites and forums where they can market their books, but for , there’s still precious little. That’s where the Kobo Book Hub comes in. We are hoping to make this a place where quality Kobo readers and quality Kobo authors can connect.


At this moment the service is free  of charge. It may change in the future – depending on demand and workload.


Just fill out the submission form, and your books will be put in the queue. We are aiming at processing all submissions within a few days. NOT ALL books will be featured; the selection will be made based on perceived quality and available slots. There will be more free books featured than bargains, and more bargains than full-price books.

Bargains are all books priced below $2 (regardless of whether it’s a promotion or not), Full Price are all books priced above that.

We may be unable to confirm all new allocations by e-mail. Please check often whether you’ve been featured or not.


As usual, the effectiveness of this site depends on users. So link to it, share it, ask your friends to visit. :) Grab our and post it on your website. The more visitors we get, the more popular the site gets, and the more readers will visit. Help us to build this website for everyone’s benefit!


A. The posts will go out once a day per category (for now). Each post contains up to 10 books. If you won’t fit the post one day, you will go first in queue on the next day.

B. The links in the form MUST WORK. If the Kobo or Cover link is not working, your book will be removed from queue and you must submit again.

C. We reserve the right not to post a book at our discretion.

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