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A. The posts will go out once a day per category (for now). Each post contains up to 10 books. If you won’t fit the post one day, you will go first in queue on the next day.

B. The links in the form MUST WORK. If the Kobo or Cover link is not working, your book will be removed from queue and you must submit again.

To submit the Cover link, right-click the picture on the Kobo page and select “copy image url” or “copy image address”.

C. The Kobo link must be the FULL KOBO URL – no URL shorteners, please!

D. We reserve the right not to post a book at our discretion.

45 thoughts on “Submit eBOOK

  1. This is wonderful news! I would like to submit a book but I have a question. On the the form above, it asks for the link to the book on and the url to the cover. What is the difference between the two? The cover displays when you click the link to the book. Sorry, I’m little confused here. Thanks for your help.

  2. I keep copies of all my covers on photobucket, or another photo-hosting site. I used the links from those to submit the cover url. I’m guessing that’s what they prefer.

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  3. I think I got the answer. You right click on the cover and add the url of the location. I hope that’s correct. Thanks.

  4. Hey Christa. I just right-click on the cover at the Kobo listing. That keeps EVERYTHING tied to that Kobo page – which is where we want the reader to go.

  5. Thanks, Steve, I did just that and it worked. My books showed up nicely.
    Thank you, people, for a good service.

  6. My book is already listed on Kobo with Smashwords as the publisher., Can I still submit my book on this website. I’m not sure how to do the Link and the URL or even what it means.

  7. Thanks fir replying

    I’m trying to submit my book but cant attach the cover. The cover is in My documents on the pc and wont copy into the URL space – what am I doing wrong? When ever I tried to copy the cover on Twitter of Facebook I always download the Photo or picture without any hassles. Please help!

  8. Ria Russouw: go to your kobo book page, right-click on the cover image, select “Copy image URL” or “Copy image address” and paste it into the form.

  9. my son distracted me and I submitted without changing the “price.” Is there a way to delete the submission? or not put a default price on it. It defaults to “Free.” Thanks, this is a great idea you have.

  10. What a wonderful idea. Thank you so much! I have submitted all four of Marshall’s books but I think I may have accidentally submitted one twice. If so, please ignore the second one.

  11. One more thing….the fourth book has had a name change and cover change at Smashwords. The correct title is Inis Emain Ablach. You can find the corrected cover on our website if you need it.

  12. I just submitted my novel An Uncommon Family to be listed and forgot to put a price in the price field. So I’m afraid it defaulted to free. The book costs $ 3.99. Sorry for the oversight. If the listing can be deleted, I’ll resubmit it.

  13. James – our recent introduction on Twitter led me to find this site. This is great! I was talking with someone just the other day saying that there needs to be a Kobo site like this. Thanks!

  14. The last post with a list of books dates back to March 14. Hasn’t anything been listed after this? Today is March 29. What’s going on? Am I missing something?

  15. I would like to put a Kobo BookHub banner on my blog and website. It says GRAB OUR BANNER on the left side on the page here, but there is no way to copy the code? I must be missing something. Thanks for your help.

  16. I submitted my Kobo full-priced book two days ago but don’t see any change in the listing since May 20. What’s up?

    • Hi, it may take up to few days to process all the books, we are submitting new batch now.

      Kind Regards,

  17. I right clicked on my cover but there was no place to click to save a url. Only open in another tab and the like. The only thing I could come up with was the same URL as the page. Will that work, or am I missing something?

  18. David: In Internet Explorer: right click on the image, then click on Properties and it shows you the url path. Copy it and you have the link. In Firefox, it’s even easier. Right click on the image and click on “Copy Image Location.” Hope this helps!

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  20. Is there supposed to be some kind of form on this page? I see nothing, and I’ve tried using three different browsers (Safari, Firefox, and Chrome).

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